Data visualisation and creative concepts for Nokia


From 2007 to 2012 I worked on a range of campaigns and creative concepts for Nokia, involving Art direction, UI/UX and visual design. They were produced at  R/GA London and JWT Sydney and used data visualisation to create stories and present information to tailor journeys from past, to present and future.

The Nokia Bill Exchange turned ‘bills into thrills’ – providing the opportunity to convert cash spent on bills into more fun things. Bringing this idea to life, the execution visualised what people wished to exchange their bills for. 

Keywords matched into a pool of over 100s of illustrations to visualise the exchange with an visual match.


Visualising data from Nokia’s music service, the Comes With Music site would create a world map of tag clouds, based on users musical trail.

Words and snippets of lyrics from the most popular song in different countries grow and evolve dynamically, letting people visually explore the musical preferences driving the service.


The Nokia Urbanista Diaries was technically quite advanced, at a time when uploading photos from your phone and easy map positioning was in its infancy.

CNN and Wallpaper reporters and bloggers were given Nokia N82 phones to enable followers to see their stories from around the world.

It got recognised by a few industry awards, including

Cannes Lions Cyber 2008 – Finalist
London International Awards 2008 – Digital Finalist
One Show Interactive Awards 2008 – Merit
Global Mobile Awards 2009 – Best Mobile Brand Campaign
Mobile Marketing Awards 2008 – EMEA Region Winner